Exploring: The Church, Theology and Food

Veggies, veggies, everywhere!

The past few days has been a bevy of cooking.  The cookbook “Vegan Planet” has been  a lifesaver, pesto, vegan spinokapeda, kolarabi, more tomatoes.  This past Sunday’s gospel reading was on the feeding of five thousand.  I  believe that eating and the preparation of food is a communal activity.  Flavors shared, friends and family shared, food shared with the least, last and lost.  This week we witnessed the devastation of the drought in Somalia, those who do not have enough.  There was a story shared of a young infant who was found abandoned along the side of the road.  Probably the result of the death of her mother.  The girl was found, and taken in as a part of a family of seven.  Enough to share, enough to care.


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